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Automatic Door Wire Coating Sealing Machine

Automatic Door Wire Coating Sealing Machine
Generations of experience in manufacturing machines for the wire and cable industry. We develop and manufacture according to customers' requirements. Design drawing of the factory workshop. Skilled engineer install the machine. Training workers for you. Machiness of high quality, made in China. International service or local technical support and Spare parts support.
Product Details:

Mainly used for the bonding and finishing of the edge band of the roll edge banding and hot melt adhesive with solid wood board, particle board, blockboard, medium density fiberboard, various furniture and wooden doors, paint-free doors, etc., so that the processed board The edge banding is even and firm, the trimming is smooth and more durable and beautiful.

The machine can be automatically completed after feeding from the plate: conveying, slotting, gluing, bonding edge sealing, cutting, front and back, roughing up and down, up and down finishing, up and down scraping, up and down polishing function, avoiding The machining error that occurs during manual machining ensures the consistency of the machining dimensions. The machine tool has high degree of automation, good edge sealing quality, high production efficiency, beautiful appearance, compact structure and stable and reliable work. It is one of the important equipment used by panel furniture manufacturers.


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