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Horizontal Multi Head Hole Wood Drilling Machine Wood

Trade assurance for MZ7321B cheaper solid wood drilling machines.
Product Details:

Horizontal Multi Head Hole Wood Drilling Machine Wood

Product Information

Wood drilling machine MZ7321B

Machine weight

700 kg

Motor total power

4.5 KW

Overall dimensions

2620*2500*1550 mm

Max drilling depth


Spindle speed

2840 rpm

Total number of auger shaft


Total number of drilling row


Drill joint assembly aperture

10 mm

The biggest hole diameter

35mm(single drill bit)   13mm(multi-drill bit)

The biggest processing pitch


Minimum processing hole spacing



1 year


ISO9002,Quality Believable Certificate

MZ7321B cheaper solid wood cnc drilling machines

1. Professional factory, 23 years.

2. High quality, Italy technology, CE and ISO.

3. Economic price, same quality, lower price.

4. Timely delivery, 10-15days.

5. Good service, warranty 1 year.

6. Trade assurance for MZ7321B cheaper solid wood drilling machines. 

Quality technology:

1. Suit for MDD, particle board, plywood, PVC, solid wood, etc.

2. Horizontal drilling over turn structure.

3. PLC, touch screen, power is full, low failure rate.

4. Range of drilling is large, quick and easy coupling.

5. Drilling depth and distance, is adopt photoelectric switch.

6. Body is steel, high temperature annealing. Line guide, sliding block.

7. with electrical digital, calculator, improve work efficiency.

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