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Rotary Line - Automatic Edge Banding Machine - MF - 1504B1

Rotary Line - Automatic Edge Banding Machine - MF - 1504B1
1. This machine is a relatively large equipment in the edge banding machine. It has complete functions and can complete many processes such as conveying, gluing, end trimming, truing, scraping and polishing in straight-faced profile sealing.
2.Since the machine adopts imported motor and imported high-quality electrical components, the frequency conversion control is adopted to realize the stepless speed regulation of the conveying and the rubber shaft, thereby obtaining the speed of various plate edge sealing and satisfactory processing effect.
3.The main parts of the machine are made by imported machining center.
Product Details:
Technical Specification
Thickness of edge band0.4-3.0mm
Thickness of workpiece10-50mm
Feed speed12-18m/min
Hight of edge band60mm
Min. width of workpiece120mm
Min. length of workpiece150mm
Workpiece interval3s-5s
Air pressure0.5-0.8 Mpa
Working power3-HP-380V
Total power18.5kw
Overall demension7500*4500*1600mm
Weight of machine4000kg

The straight edge banding machine is mainly applied to relatively simple products such as cabinet furniture in daily life or office, and the operation is also very convenient. In addition, there are automatic edge banding machines and manual edge banding machines. The automatic operation greatly saves manpower and greatly improves work efficiency, but the price is also relatively high. The manual operation is simple and suitable for small-scale operation. Processing, the price is relatively low.

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