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Automatic cold presses need to increase the intensity of reform and innovation
Oct 17, 2016

With the development of society, and people's living standard has been improved, leading to today's cold compressor industry phenomenon of market demand, resources are very tight. Many companies are constantly out traditional cold pressing machines, because most of the traditional cold pressing machine with a single operation, it is difficult to satisfy the fast-growing market consumption, often lead to shortage in products on the market. Therefore, to alleviate cold presses the resource constraints of the market, must step up reform of the renewal of cold press machine, developed new high-end equipment to improve market share.
Now whole cold pressure machine market, most cold pressure machine company also stay in development in the State, due to technology not clearance, funds not in place, led to they hard challenge high-end products equipment, as long as several has strength of cold pressure machine mechanical company through itself has of funds and excellent of technology steadily forward development, these company has for decades years of history and rich of market experience, through learning constantly of perfect with cold pressure machine equipment of type.
1, and cold pressure machine technology of reform is currently all industry compared difficult of a link, China cold pressure machine industry development slow, technology with not Shang this is see, from yiqian of introduced abroad imports equipment evolution into imitation development himself of cold pressure machine equipment, this a imitation technology has been stay to today not change, such excessive of imitation led to has cold pressure machine of development very slow, so must to through learning and research independent innovation development out belongs to we himself of cold pressure machine equipment to better of promote cold pressure machine industry of fast development.
2, product quality also is very important, now appearing on the market with many cold compressor equipment faulty. So in the future with the increasing market demand, automatic cold presses increase the intensity of reform and innovation is essential.