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Characteristics of drilling machine
Oct 17, 2016

Manual drilling machine, including a manual passed institutions, a axis to into to institutions, a oriented institutions, a clearance adjustment institutions, manual passed institutions by spindle 5, and and spindle 5 top Department connected of wrench 2 and the and spindle 5 bottom Department connected of bit 12, and sets drill 13 constitute; axis to into to institutions by handwheel 16, and worm 17, and worm 8, and nut 6, and silk Rod 10 constitute; Mechanism adopted by the top lid 7 and nut 6 with the lower end connected with the screw 10 protective case 9 composition between upper adjustment nut 6 connected with the principal axis 5 adjustment nuts 3, located at the top nut 6 4 composition of two planes on either side of the bearings. Good sealing performance, stable, low labor intensity, a multi-purpose machines. It can be used as the transport of liquid or gas pipes, does not stop its delivery work of drilling to install branch pipe with pressure device

Automatic drilling machine technical parameters: technical project specifications material stainless steel, metals, copper and other metal materials accuracy ± 0.01mm fastest idle speed control system for processing dimensions 2-40mm 500mm/s six-axis control system voltage: 220V power: 350W-frequency grounding <4 ω 50HZ pressure 6-8kg/cm&sup2; dimensions 1600mm*700mm*1300mm (L*W*H)