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Fast Speed Diamond Saw Blade for Sharpening Machine-Diamond Cutting Circular Blade Suppliers
Jul 23, 2018

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: stone cutting blade

  • Product Name: Diamond Cutting Blade

  • Segment Bond: Diamond

  • Use: Edge and Block Cutting Blade

  • Price: Cheap

  • Graininess: 800#

  • Shape: Round

  • Manufacturing Arts: Sinter

  • Customized: Customized

  • Saw Blade External Diameter: All Kinds

  • Trademark: wanlong

  • Application: Granite, Basalt, Sandstone, Marble Ect.

  • Cutting Life: Long

  • Quality: High Performance

  • Advantage: Dry and Wet

  • Authentication: ISO9001-2008, SGS, TUV

  • Thickness: 20mm

  • Kind: Stone Sawing Machine

  • Usage: Stone Cutting, Abrasive and Carving, Engineering Material, Optical Glass Cutting, Lab Use Super-thin Saw Blade, Semiconductor Cutting, Arts Cutting, Fire-Retardant, Porcelain, Plastics, Laminate Plate

  • Brand: Wanlong

  • Specification: Available Upon Request., dia: 105-3500mm

  • Origin: Quanzhou City

Product Description

We are the  diamond blades manufacturers Our 14 inch saw blade is applicable for cutting processing, good safety and definition. And it is more suitable for granite, marble,limestone,basalt etc.  Special formula for different cutting request.Various sizes can be chosen from 110mm to 3500mm . If you have any interested in our products, please contact us.
Application :
marble,granite,concrete,asphalt,ceramic tile,steel,brick,wall,etc.
Features :
1.fast cutting with long life.
2.perfect performance.
3.excellent quality for smooth cut.
4.strict product quality inspection processes and Sophisticated detection equipment for blades.

Segment Dimension(mm)Born/mmNo.
10520×1.8×7.516,20 22.23 25.4,508
11520×1.8×8.016,20 22.23 25.4,509
12520×2.0×8.016,20 22.23 25.4,5010
15020×2.0×7.516,20 22.23 25.4,5010
18020×2.2×8.016,20 22.23 25.4,5014
20020×2.2×8.016,20 22.23 25.4,5014
23020×2.4×8.016,20 22.23 25.4,5016
25020×2.4×8.016,20 22.23 25.4,5018
30020×2.6×8.016,20 22.23 25.4,5022
35020×2.8×8.016,20 22.23 25.4,5024

Diameter(mm)Steel core(mm)Head size(mm)No.ShapeApplication
4002.640×3.8/3.4×15(20)28RT SPLITTINGGranite
4503.040×4.2/3.8×15(20)32RT SPLITTINGGranite
5003.040×4.2/3.8×15(20)36RT SPLITTINGGranite
5503.640×5.0/4.4×15(20)40RT SPLITTINGGranite
6003.640×5.0/4.4×15(20)42RT SPLITTINGGranite
6504.040×5.4/4.8×15(20)46RT SPLITTINGGranite
7004.040×5.4/4.8×15(20)50RT SPLITTINGGranite
7504.040×5.4/4.8×15(20)54RT SPLITTINGGranite
8004.540×6.0/5.4×15(20)57RT SPLITTINGGranite
8504.540×6.0/5.4×15(20)58RT SPLITTINGGranite
Diameter(mm)Steel core(mm)Head size(mm)No.ShapeApplication
9005.024×7.0/6.2×13(15,20)64Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
10005.024×7.0/6.2×13(15,20)70Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
12005.524×7.4/6.6×13(15,20)80Z3TZ3T-M (conical)Granite
14006.024×8.0/7.2×13(15,20)92Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
14006.524×8.4/7.6×13(15,20)92Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
16007.224×9.2/8.4×13(15,20)108Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
18007.524×10/9.2×13(15,20)120Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
20008.024×11/10×15(20)128Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
22009.024×11/10×15(20)132Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
25009.024×12/11×20(30)140Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
27009.024×12/11×20(30)140Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
30009.324×13/12×20(30)160Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite
35009.524×13.5/12.5×20(30)180Z3T/Z3T-M (conical)Granite

Other specifications are available upon request.