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How to maintain fully automatic drilling machine
Oct 17, 2016

1, cleaning automatic drilling machine looks and dead ends, removable and washable cover, require clean, no rust, no yellow robes, painted iron light color. Cleaning track surface and clean countertops Burr. Check up the screws, hand, hand, check the handles flexible reliability. 

2, automatic drilling machine spindle into the knife box maintenance: check oil quality, good oil meets the requirements. Remove spindle Mao Thorn. Clean the hydraulic transmission systems, oil screen, adjust the oil pressure. 

3, automatic drilling and lifting clamp check: check and adjust the lifting mechanism and clamping to achieve sensitive and reliable. 

4, automatic drilling machine lubrication system check: cleaning linoleum, asked the oil Cup is complete, oil flow, oil window bright. 

5, automatic drilling machine cooling system check: clean the cooling pump, filter and coolant tank. Check the coolant pipe, require no water leakage. 

6, automatic drilling machines To check the electrical system: clean the motor and electrical box inside and outside the dust. Turn off the power, open the appliance door cover, check the electrical connector and electrical components for looseness, aging. To check the limit switch is working properly. Open power played a role. Check that the hydraulic system is normal, there is no oil leakage.