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Improvement of hot press technology
Oct 17, 2016

Combine all three layers of wood formation of Cork, it must be boring to moisture 6%~8%. In addition to shortcomings and narrow the expansive slate of wood warping, wood formation General specification for 300~1200mm long, 50~125mm wide, 12~18mm thick, thus from the logs to the recovery of wood formation is only 20%. Core data are sawing soft mixed slate, wood texture without a special request, but did not promise rot, insects, usually low price of Chinese FIR and Poplar. Hard hardwood surface is dry and steam injection should be discontinued in the early settlement to eliminate wood internal stresses that occur in the process of being boring, boring when Cork reached there is no warping, requests without cracking.

Wood boring of vertical expansion ratio is small, negligence did not take account, radial chord to a larger expansion rate, rate is 1.2~3 times the radial and tangential swelling, so boring did when forming the timber cross-section irradiation on crack chords cut sheet expansion into tile and other shortcomings. Double circular saw to open 300mm, 2200mm long and hard one, saw ways to maintain a 4mm and in no way can run saw, not thick one hand, thin formation of substandard goods and finished products. Germany Hildebrand company first with 13mm thick of hard alone wood pendulum spell into sharply Panel, is Board of level the Pu a layer has coated rubber of whole ZHANG core lead block, is core lead block most top surface and end of surface Pu Shang the a Zhang wood single board, group decomposition five layer of Board billet together into hot machine rubber pressure into chunks combined formation, then points saw into 250~300mm wide, and 2200mm long of to lead block, With high and low for align double-circular sawing machines-13mm thick layer of hard wood alone saw 4.5mm heavy hardwood combines three layers on the surface of the wood to lead. Lead structural disorders, high strength, high stability, according to the measured data, combining its shrinkage rate is not only wood of 1/6.

Each mature hot-press machine manufacturers have their own independent technical, so is especially important in technical innovations.