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Knowledge of construction engineering in 2017: what are the requirements for the inspection of woodworking machinery
Feb 23, 2018

1. The mechanical installation should be solid and stable, and maintain the horizontal position.

2. The metal structure shall not be welded or cracked.

3. The organization shall be complete, the parts shall be complete and the connection shall be reliable.

4. The appearance should be clean and should not have oil scale and obvious rust.

5. The operation of the transmission system should be stable, with no abnormal impact, vibration, crawling, movement, noise, overtemperature and overpressure.

The transmission belt should be in good condition and should not be damaged.

6. The gearshift system should be free from jumping.

The speed should be normal.

7. The operating system should be sensitive and reliable. The operation button, handwheel and handle should be complete and the response should be sensitive.

All instrument indicators should be accurate.

8. The guide rail and working face should not be seriously worn, damaged or deformed.

9. The tool installation should be firm, and the positioning should be accurate and effective.

10. The dust collecting device shall be in good condition and the work shall be reliable.