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Machine processing plant in the occurrence of woodworking machinery accidents (I)
Oct 16, 2018

Woodworking is a type of machining industry that can easily lead to danger from improper operations.Therefore, it is very important for the mechanical processing plant to improve the knowledge of mechanical accident safety.This article will introduce specifically, in the process of machining, the occurrence of a common cause of woodworking machinery accidents.

The direct causes of mechanical injury accidents can be concluded as the operator's unsafe behavior, equipment unsafe condition and environment unsafe factors.

1. Unsafe behaviors of operators

Operator unsafe behavior refers to the operator attention at work, or spirit is too nervous, or operators of the machine structure and the lack of the understanding of the machining performance, or operation not skilled and the operation is not abide by rules of safe operation, or incorrect use of personal protective equipment and equipment safety protection devices, etc.Specific performance:

(1) wrong operation, ignoring safety and ignoring warning.Including without permission to start, shut down and move the machine;No signal is given when the machine is switched on or off;The switch is not locked, causing accidental rotation;Forget to turn off the device;Ignoring warning signs and warning signals;Wrong operation feeding speed too fast;Mechanical overspeed;Loose fastening of workpiece and cutter;Too much cutting during processing, etc.

(2) the safety device fails.The safety device was removed, the safety device lost its function, and the safety device failed due to adjustment error.

(3) use hands instead of tools.Clean up the chip directly by hand, do not use jig to fix the workpiece, and carry out machining directly by hand.

(4) maintenance of equipment during mechanical operation.To refuel, repair, inspect, adjust, weld or clean.

(5) unsafe clothing.Not wearing personal protective equipment or ignoring its use in operations or situations where personal protective equipment and appliances must be used.For example, when working beside the equipment with rotating parts, he/she will wear over-loose and loose clothes, and when operating the equipment with rotating parts, he/she will wear gloves and slippers to enter the workshop.

(6) approaching the danger area by accident or failure of troubleshooting.If the jam is cleaned between two relatively moving parts and equipment without a protective cover, it may cause serious injury such as crushing, clipping, cutting, crushing or the human limb being involved.Besides the unreasonable design of mechanical structure, it is also caused by illegal operation.