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Machine processing plant in the occurrence of woodworking machinery accidents (II)
Oct 18, 2018

The direct causes of mechanical injury accidents can be concluded as the operator's unsafe behavior, equipment unsafe condition and environment unsafe factors.

2. Unsafe condition of mechanical equipment

The unsafe condition of equipment refers to the defects in mechanical design and manufacturing, and the lack of function of machine parts, accessories and safety protection devices.Specific performance:

(1) lack or defect of protection, insurance, signal, etc.No protective cover, no safety device, no alarm device, no safety sign, no guardrail or guardrail damage, ungrounded electrical equipment, poor insulation, loud noise, unlimited device, etc.Protective cover is not in proper position, improper adjustment of protective device, insufficient safety distance, exposed part of electrical device.

(2) defects in equipment, facilities, tools and accessories.Improper design, structure does not meet safety requirements.Not enough strength, not enough strength of mechanical parts, not enough insulation strength, material selection does not meet the requirements of safety standards, high speed spindle has no dynamic balance.