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North China Woodworking Machinery & Tools Parts Dealers summit a complete success
Feb 13, 2018

January 24, 2018, lunar December 8 Laba Festival, but also the coldest day in the north, however, frozen three feet failed to stop nearly 300 carpentry session to participate in the "Net Cloud Wing Yip & Xin Da Yi Hardware Annual Ceremony cum North China Woodworking Machinery & Tools Parts Dealers Summit "enthusiasm.

15:00, the summit officially began, Mr. Li Ling, general manager of Net Cloud Wing Welcome Welcoming welcome to all guests to attend the summit, guests attending the summit are: Jinan Yongqiang Zhongyi Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Dong Guangjiang and Mr. Dong enjoyed a total of 10 years of friendship with Mr. Li and spoke highly of Mr. Li both in the partnership and in his personal friendship.

The Summit also invited Ms. Woo Wen-hong, the chairman of Sanhe Tianli Processing Co., Ltd. (Chuan Mu edge knife manufacturer), Mr. Wen Jianfeng, manager of Guangzhou Li Li Tools Co., Ltd. (Chuan Mu brand distributor) Made a keynote speech entitled "Development Trend and Marketing Model of Cutting Tools in the Age of Intelligence-making" and shared the relationship between machinery and knives for the guests on site. Like the relationship between BMW and good tires, just like a good horse with a good saddle, can the advantages of the equipment Play well and more professional. At the same time Sanhe companies and Lee Tools 29 years of cooperation, but also the industry's manufacturers and agents of the model, Wenjing Li on this point made a shared guest.

Jinan Superstar Machinery Co., Ltd. engraving machine benchmarking enterprises, Superstar Yang total site for everyone to do business management and industry development prospects of the keynote speech. The summit also invited senior Internet Caixin Mr. Yushu to do guest speakers on the Internet thinking service awareness.

Since its establishment in the past ten years, its mission is to work hard with its business colleagues and to support customers and partners. At the site of the summit, Mr. Li commended outstanding partners and outstanding employee representatives.

The attendees attended the summit include representatives from manufacturers of woodworking machinery, woodworking tools and accessories from all over China, representatives from dealers all over Shandong and representatives from other surrounding areas. The scene of the event dinner was full of passion and all kinds of performances and live guests Singing, so that dinner activities exceptionally warm, warm, touched.