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China's woodworking machinery industry will enter the second pioneering era!
Feb 25, 2018

In recent years, furniture and wood processing enterprises to expand the scale and market demand continued to grow, and the labor costs brought about by the rise of China's woodworking machinery industry began to face a turning point.

Chinese woodworking machinery enterprises have entered the second venture has been on the arrow had to send it!

Workers want good things, must first sharpen their tools, is the basic law of survival for each industry.

In the past, because of the low labor cost, enterprises usually adopted "human-sea tactics" in order to achieve their maximum profit target. They did not pay much attention to the configuration and upgrade of machinery and equipment, and at most, they also made profit-maximizing choices matching their own strength.

Of course, choosing the best equipment does not necessarily mean that profits will be maximized. "Human-sea tactics", though they have drawbacks, are often the most secure choice for businesses.

The continuous development of society, the high demand of customers, forcing enterprises have to change the old thinking.

Although the minimum wage in various places has not seen a substantial increase in recent years, the wage level of senior technicians in China's woodworking machinery industry can often exceed 2-3 times the statutory minimum wage in various places.

Moreover, these top craftsmen often rely on corporate training, high training costs and staff instability, leaving many companies overwhelmed.

Some companies have seen the change of wind direction and started to import imported high-end equipment without any effort.

More advanced CNC equipment compared to the traditional man-made more favored by the business, in addition to improving productivity, but also because it largely to prevent the occurrence of work-related accidents, so that many business owners headache "injury" Solve the problem.

With the improvement of living standards, consumers are demanding more and more furniture products. The inflection point of China's woodworking machinery industry has come quietly.

Many domestic institutions of higher learning and research institutes have also taken precautions, Tsinghua University, Northeast Forestry University, Nanjing Forestry University and other institutions of higher learning and research institutions already in CNC woodworking machinery has made considerable technical reserves, once the market plumbing, Can be with the business in the market, "all-powerful."

Woodworking machinery market changes have quietly come, the new pattern is being born.

Many woodworking machinery companies will conduct second pioneering, only in the field of numerical control woodworking machinery companies, to write thousands of years of legendary Luban!