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Panel Furniture Woodworking Machinery
Dec 27, 2018

The main mechanical equipment includes cutting machine, edge banding machine, laminating machine, plastic machine, hinge drill, profiled edge banding machine, precision saw and so on.

1.Cutting machine: used for sheet grooving, cutting, punching, milling, etc.

2.Edge banding machine: used to seal the cut surface of the cut sheet. According to the degree of automation, it is divided into manual\semi-automatic\automatic. The automatic edge banding machine is gradually accepted by everyone because of its high efficiency and good edge sealing effect. It is very popular among customers.

3.Blister: The laminating machine can be divided into two types: instant coating laminating machine and pre-coating laminating machine. It is a special equipment for paper, board and enamel film. It is pressed together by a rubber roller and a heating roller to form a paper-plastic composite product.

4.Hinged Drill: A hinge, also known as a hinge, is a mechanical device used to link two plates and allow relative rotation between the two. A hinge machine is a woodworking tool that solves the vacancy required for the joint.

5.Precision saw: used for patching.

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