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Rational use of cold press
Oct 17, 2016

Mechanical operation safety is always first in the use of mechanical operation, we must put safety in the end, do not give up halfway.
When we use the cold press, there are several factors are worthy of note:
1, before the operation the machine circuit, circuit, press is free of foreign matter, conduct a comprehensive inspection, and empty a test run, confirm well before they can work.
2, when you stand below the prohibition of cold presses. Operation wood working cold press | |-hydraulic cold press of Shanghai cold compressor should pay attention to fuel tanks, oil level and the plunger seal position, such leaks should be promptly shut down.
3, mount the compressor processing objects placed flat and clean. Processing objects stacked neatly, combined with gaps of no more than 2MM. When on board is strictly prohibited and mechanical transmission parts with your hands or rubbish to prevent crowd injuries.
4, presses in operation, no repairs. Failure to shut down until repaired.
5, is strictly prohibited in fuel use around open flame and smoke, when on leave, or mocked slapstick, is strictly prohibited.
6, the operator should always pay attention to the motor and the pump sound is normal.
7, after work, should stop switching off, cleaning the site, make shift work