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Strapping machine industry
Oct 17, 2016

China bundle Charter industry development appeared of problem in the, many situation not optimistic, as industry structure not reasonable, and industry concentrated Yu labor intensive products; technology intensive products obviously behind Yu developed industrial national; production elements decisive role is weakened; industry energy consumption big, and output rate low, and pollution serious, and on natural resources destructive big; enterprise general scale partial small, and technology innovation capacity weak, and management level behind,.

From the perspective of what strapping machine industry development in China? in what way China strapping the degree of development of the industry? strapping machine industry development in China and what are the prospects? strapping, China industrial development associated with the current hot issues ... ... And so on, are all strapping machine industry must face and solve problems-strapping machine industry development in China has reached a fork; strapping industrial production needs to choose the direction of China.

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