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Universal Woodwooking Machinery
Jan 15, 2019

1. Wood board manufacturing and processing machinery

Machinery for the manufacture of solid wood panels and wood-based panels (plywood, MDF, particleboard, etc.) and for the treatment of the surface of the panels for the processing of the panels used in furniture processing, such as jigsaw machines, finger joints Machine, hot and cold press, laminating machine, etc.

2. Log processing machinery

Machinery for the processing of logs, such as sawing, de-wooding, dehumidification, etc.

3. Furniture manufacturing machinery

It includes the machinery needed for the manufacture of panel furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture and other wood products. It is divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. A wide variety, involving a wide range. From sawing, forming, profiling, drilling, grooving, splicing, gluing, painting, and packaging, all can be done mechanically.

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