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What should pay attention to in the construction process of woodworking machinery?
Nov 15, 2018

1. Before operation, check the machine is in good condition, whether the electrical switch is good, whether the fuse meets the specifications, and check whether the saw blade is broken or cracked, and install the protective cover. It can be put into use after normal operation; the operator should wear safety. To protect the eyes, the saw blade must be flat. It is not allowed to install the reverse switch. The slash should be matched and tight with the drive shaft, and there should be no continuous missing teeth.

  2. When operating, the operator should stand on the left side of the saw blade and should not stand on the same line as the saw blade to prevent the wood from popping and injuring people.

  3. When the saw is close to the end, it should be pushed into the saw by the hand. The hand should not be fed directly by hand, and the board should be pushed. When the saw is sawed, the wood should not be moved or lifted up and down; the feeding will not be too strong. In the case of wood festivals, the speed of the sawing should be slowed down to prevent the wood knot from popping and injuring people.

  4. When sawing short timber, pusher stick should be used. It is not allowed to push by hand directly. The feeding speed should not be too fast. The picking hook must be used to pick up the material. When cutting the material, the material length should not exceed 1.5 times the diameter of the saw blade. The material height shall not be greater than 1/3 of the saw blade; the cutting height shall not exceed 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade.

  5, the saw line deviation, should be gradually corrected, not allowed to slam; saw blade running time is too long, when the temperature is too high, the application of water cooling, the diameter of the blade more than 60cm and then operate, should be sprayed with water to cool.

  6, the electricity should meet the requirements of the standard, the use of three-level distribution secondary protection, three-phase five-wire protection zero system. Regular inspections, pay attention to the choice of fuses, it is strictly prohibited to use metal wire instead.