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2018 Taiwan International Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Debut In Early April
Feb 23, 2018

After a hiatus of three years, and Taiwan woodworking machinery association jointly held by the foreign trade association of the 2018 Taiwan international woodworking machinery exhibition (Wood, Taiwan) ", will be on the 5th of April 2 solstice in nangang Taipei exhibition hall 1 pavilion.

As Taiwan woodworking machinery industry's leading export platform, Wood Taiwan to expand product range, logs, Wood secondary machining, surface treatment and coating equipment, woodworking machinery components, cutting tool and tool accessories, such as convenient for buyers a 购足 products.

The scale of the exhibition has exceeded the previous record, and 152 domestic and foreign manufacturers have signed up to participate in the exhibition, with the use of 1,049 booths, which is expected to provide a wave of purchasing power for Taiwan's woodworking machinery industry.

Elite of the exhibition at home and abroad manufacturers, including index of domestic manufacturers - vibration source, zhang today, ender, shaw, guang ying, is light, shi xing, fong kuo, Tai exhibition, upper boundary, etc., as well as from Italy Biesse, Bacci, SCM, France Schneider, and foreign brands, such as the United States Woodmizer latest models on display, including multifunctional composite processing machinery, CNC machining center, high-speed automatic production lines and precision spare parts, etc., meet the demand of all kinds of wood processing.

4.0 in addition, according to industry development trend, the new concept of "intelligent manufacturing area", combined with the Internet of things, remote monitoring, sensor, control system and other mechanical equipment, provide solutions, and wisdom will help companies reduce errors, save energy and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Taiwan woodworking machinery industry development has been nearly 60 years, more than eight into manufacturer located in taichung okada, bbca, and after god, form a unique global industry groups, with the advantages of fast and flexible manufacturing assembly, more use of ICT technology in recent years, large data analysis and automation equipment, providing customers with a variety of excellent quality and wisdom machinery and production lines, by international buyers.

In 2016, the export value of woodworking machinery in Taiwan was about us $521 million, ranking 4th in the world.

By the end of 2017, the industrial bureau also announced that the export value of Taiwan woodworking machinery from January to October was up 13.9% from the same period in 2016, aiming to move towards the 3rd largest exporter in the world.

Comply with current industry status and trend of intelligent manufacturing, Wood, Taiwan will be the first to deal with peak BBS, in "the woodworking machinery development status" and "wisdom factory machinery and future development" as the theme, invite domestic and foreign industry experts and well-known industry representatives such as HOMAG, SIEMENS, and so on, to share the latest market pulse, leading participants insight into the future development direction.

In order to assist the business to expand overseas business opportunities, the foreign trade association has invited international buyers from 60 overseas units to visit Taiwan and arrange for a one-on-one negotiation with the exhibitors.

During the exhibition, we will also hold a variety of activities such as night, seminar, design and excellent product competition to promote technical exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises.

"Taiwan international woodworking machinery exhibition in 2018 (Wood, Taiwan)" on April 2 solstice display time for 5, 10 am to 6 PM, daily industry at home and abroad by the admission card replacement, general public tickets to visit (per ticket nt $200), children under the age of 12 declined to visit.

It is now open to domestic online registration. Welcome to the "visit registration" of Wood Taiwan website to save the time of on-site queuing.