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The Structure Of The Automatic Edge Banding Machines
Jun 09, 2017

Edge sealing machine can be divided into: automatic edge banding machines and semi-automatic edge banding machines, but the automatic edge banding machines in the usual industrial production and processing used more, it mainly includes the fuselage, the processing group, the control system , Its processing components are, pre-milling, coating, edge, head, rough repair, refinement, profiling tracking, scraping, throwing, slotting.

Here we simply say that the structure of automatic edge banding machines has four main components:

First, the first part of the body of the edge of the edge machine, he is related to the accuracy of the most critical issues, because it relates to whether the linear operation of the plate can ensure that each workpiece group of precision work.

Second, the fuselage base, some of the steel laser cutting, a welding molding, such a base is not easy to deformation, firmness, and enhance the stability of the machine. Behind some of the skeleton welding, and then add the steel plate, so that the base of poor stability, but the price is low.

Third, the NC group can be designed separately, many places have applied for a patent protection, the speed of the feed can reach the level of foreign cash.

Fourth, the structure of the various groups are basically similar, according to the actual needs to add or reduce the required part of the group, due to PLC precision control action and eat knife volume, imitation angle, so now only a small number of large intestine More mature.