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Aupai Woodworking Machinery Has Once Again Overcome The Problem Of Sanding
Jul 03, 2018

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The factory that used line sanding machine knows, line sanding machine with its efficiency is high, processing quality is good get the pursuit of broad line processing enterprise.

But because the material of adornment line is qualitative, design, use is changed ceaselessly, bring about line arenaceous smooth machine to have its limitation on use, this also is the difficulty that perplexes the enterprise that has special requirement.

A lot of woodworking machinery factory because of a lack of technology innovation ability, can only walk in mass type machine popularization and the lower part of the route, also led to the low-end market in workmanship, materials and processing methods of the machine on low cost, the price to fight routes, have special request for these customers, to a large extent restricted the line processing industry development and the improvement of performance.

Aupai woodworking machinery is a leading brand in the line processing industry. For more than ten years, it has been focusing on the innovation and reform of line processing and constantly overcoming one problem after another in this industry.

Normally, a less complex lines, with 6 head sanding machine can solve, but the head of the six general sander machine length should be close to 5 meters, again a little bit complicated line requires 9 and 12 head machine, the length of the machine.

Some factories, because the site is an assembly line, need to cooperate with machines and of course there are some constraints.

In dongguan, a taiwan-funded enterprises of all products exported to Europe, product quality requirement is high, the use of Taiwan and Italy production equipment, after trying to use our sanding machine, for the Austrian cost-effective happy sanding machine, continuous use of my factory more than 10 lines sanding machine.

Recently, according to the actual need, need to transform the original on the original line of sanding machines, but only just 1.6 meters, the floor space in this short 1.6 meters place, put a 5 to 6 meters long sanding machine - problem!

Difficult problem!

If this problem is not solved, the whole production line will be changed, which will lead to the change of the whole production process, and will greatly increase the production cost!