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Automatic Edge Banding Machines How To Choose The Right Bearing
Sep 27, 2017

Now on the market of a wide range of automatic Edge Banding Machines, style is also varied, just to meet the needs of a lot of clothing, we know that the bearing is the most important components of the whole brake sealing machine, the following we learn about automatic Edge Banding Machines The bearing is mainly looking at those parts.

Automatic bearings are designed for both plain bearings and rolling bearings, but in most cases the use of rolling bearings, because the rolling bearing with small size, high speed, long life, simple assembly, sealing and lubrication is also relatively simple, And can be directly selected from the sample and other advantages. However, because the sliding bearing seismic resistance, radial size is small, so the rigid shaft design is often used. In the design, because the design of the automatic Edge Banding Machines is a small vibration of the machine, so the use of rolling bearings as support. The following by Xiaobian to tell you about how to choose the automatic Edge Banding Machines bearings:

Selection of bearing types: Drill drill design, the use of many types of rolling bearings, according to the spindle load size, direction and speed vary.

Commonly used rolling bearings are the following: single row radial ball bearings, single row tapered roller bearings, single row radial thrust ball bearings, double row radial short cylindrical roller bearings, single row thrust ball bearings Single row concentric short cylindrical roller bearings Wait. Which to the radial bearing to bear the radial load, but also can not bear the axial load; thrust bearing can only withstand axial load; radial thrust bearing both axial load, but also to withstand radial load. Row drill The design, the spindle that is subject to axial load, bear radial load, so the use of a single row of tapered roller shaft.