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Automatic Maintenance Of The Edge Banding Machines
May 26, 2017

The height of the automatic Edge Banding Machines is mainly adjusted according to the thickness of the workpiece. When adjusting, the adjustment amount is determined according to the working thickness, and the adjustment lever is set with the sleeve with the sleeve. The number is the workpiece thickness

 And then is fully automatic Edge Banding Machines sol coating device adjustment, according to the label panel marked the direction of adjustment, hand twist the adjustment handle, adjust to the required amount of glue.

In the automatic Edge Banding Machines processing and production process, many people ignore the automatic side of the maintenance and maintenance work. As the edge of the user how to carry out maintenance work? Qingdao Shi Ma Te, automatic Edge Banding Machines maintenance work should start from the following aspects:

1, regular cleaning. First of all to clean up the machine is the production process of waste and a variety of debris, to prevent the accumulation of waste caused by the machine Caton, affecting the efficiency of the work. The second is to clean up the mechanical surface of the various stains, to maintain the mechanical appearance of clean and tidy, you can also place stains on the mechanical surface corrosion.

2, to maintain the appropriate workshop temperature. Automatic Edge Banding Machines in the course of the work should not be too high temperature should not be too low, too low temperature will cause the oil to freeze, the machine can not function properly, and too high temperature and can easily lead to heat inconvenience, resulting in the motor damage.

3, computer maintenance. Now most of the automatic Edge Banding Machines are connected with the computer, in order to achieve computer programming automation operation, and if we work in the process of computer maintenance is not good, it is easy to produce Caton, crash phenomenon, thus affecting the automatic Edge Banding Machines work efficiency and work results.