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Beijing International Furniture Exhibition And China Life Festival New Woodworking Machinery And Furniture Production Equipment Exhibition Area.
Mar 24, 2018

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Precise pulse furniture intelligent manufacturing direction.

At present, our country woodworking machinery are high quality development in the direction of automation, information fusion, to provide customers with the whole line solution as the core of new form, is to improve their core competitiveness, as well as the realization to the woodworking and furniture as an important symbol of intelligent manufacturing service transformation.This exhibition brings together a line of woodworking equipment and furniture brand, highlighting board type furniture, solid wood furniture and other wood products green smart elements, pay attention to the whole line design and display, and the safety of the advanced concept of environmental protection into, to high-quality goods display injected new energy to the show!


Join hands to create peak BBS.

Exhibition in the same period, BIFF, organizers will invite the Chinese association of forestry machinery and other industries, the downstream industry common green smart building furniture and equipment technology development peak BBS and other activities, the depth of focus on "intelligent manufacturing, safety, environmental protection" theme, around the "wood furniture manufacturing solutions and products automated information fusion" and "wood furniture and products digital factory technology present situation and the trend", "solid wood furniture production technology and layout optimization promotion", "wood furniture and products processing of cleaner production and saving energy and reducing consumption" issues, such as discussions with industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to carry out communication, discuss green smart furniture industry.


We will expand new channels for upstream and downstream cooperation in the industry.

BIFF, relying on unexpectedly the home of the "big layout Everyone in the future "strategic layout, to create high quality home show, with worldwide in a wide range of wood and furniture manufacturing enterprises with channels and strong sales network.We have every reason to believe that with professional services, BIFF can become a new channel and a new platform for the production of woodworking and furniture production equipment.

In the future, we will step forward to build the international home intelligent manufacturing fair in north China, and start from the Beijing international furniture exhibition and China life festival in 2018, and let the wonderful journey unfold.