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Binder Mechanism
Oct 17, 2016

Strapping machines-semi-automatic strapping machines and automatic strapping machine, it works easier than winding machine. Packing machine (packer) is the use of straps wrapping products or packages, and then tighten both ends and through the heat melting or using materials such as buckle connection machine. Packing machine (packer) function is to make plastic bags can be bundled packages close to the surface to ensure packages in transportation and storage is not scattered by the strapping is not strong, but should also be bundled neat appearance.

1. the tape tension back: Chuck rose holding plastic lead, sending pulley reverse back belt, bringing returning excess plastic storage box and tighten their belts were tied. Subsequently, the manipulator grip plastic straps, adjust the package to further tighten their belts to the tightness.

2. cut with bonded: oriented Board from two layer plastic with middle exit, while, Perm head synchronization insert two layer with Zhijian, then II clip head rose clip live plastic with another end lead, cut knife cut tape, and will lead to tangtou and of contact, heated melting (surface), immediately perm head fast exit, cut knife continues to Rose will surface has melting of two layer plastic with pressure in bearing plate Shang, and cooling solidification, two with bonded (YKM-WY machine no tangtou, started friction completed bonded).

3. removable: bearing plates with ring exit baled plastic, Chuck reset completed externally.

4. send: send pulleys are turned by plastic storage box into orbit, prepare for the next tape.

5. Uninstall. Above is a single channel bundling process, when the machine is in continuous action when moved upon completion of direct access to the back belt tensioning procedure, according to the above-mentioned program loop continuously.