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Botou Jiayze Environmental Protection Machinery Equipment Co., LTD. Explains The Use Of The Woodworking Dust Collector.
Apr 19, 2018

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The woodworking dust collector is the newest kind of dust removal equipment. It adopts the new design concept and the first class production equipment, which can be widely used in the dust removal of woodworking equipment. Thus deeply loved by consumers.
The performance of the woodworking dust collector is stable and will not be easily damaged. The woodworking dust collector can collect the fine particles in the atmosphere and clean them together to achieve the ideal environmental cleaning effect. The internal design structure of the dust collector is complex. If there is any problem with the product, it must be repaired by the professional. There are many kinds of dust remover produced by our factory, which mainly include pulse warehouse top deduster and stainless steel warehouse top duster. Its cleaning effect is particularly good because the inside of the equipment is equipped with dust removal filter core, which can be used to recycle the dust particles in the atmosphere and improve the air quality effectively.
In order to prolong the service life of wood dust catcher, must carry on the maintenance of dust filter, so often to ensure that the filter permeability, filter once block can't normal use, cleaning effect will become very poor. Our dust collector is equipped with a spark catcher which can separate the high temperature objects to achieve a safe effect. In addition to the use of dust remover, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive inspection of the woodworking dust remover equipment for smooth operation.
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