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Mar 26, 2018

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[China building materials network] the modern wood-frame house is a beam and column structure.Is at the end of integration components of wood or intermediate, damage of timber processing components smaller slot and bolt hole, cooperate with SE steel fittings, installed in construction field assembly and connection, the formation of bearing wood frame, stable mechanical properties, high structural strength, which is widely used in Japan.

Foshan chuanjiang machinery co., LTD., MCS316CNC drill sawing machine, is mainly used to open slot and drill hole.The process takes only three minutes.Slotting is the way to use saw blade, fast speed, smooth finish.The saw blade can be installed with a diameter of 1.4 meters, and the depth can reach 600mm. The drilling is to adopt the numerical control ding position to ensure that the hole spacing is 100% accurate when the work is installed.