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Considerations For Edge Banding Machine
Oct 17, 2016

Curved edge banding machine's main advantage is the bonding firm, fast, lightweight, high efficiency, to this effect, in addition to select the right edge banding machines, note also that edge band, hot-melt glue, substrate, working conditions and methods of operation, and other elements. Choose edge to bring attention to the width, thickness, texture and toughness, factors such as degree of surface treatment. Hot-melt adhesive to note the difference between high, medium and low temperature glue, matches the type of edge band, Science also set the heating control temperature and flow and solidification delay of Sol. Substrate selection also has mass, temperature, parallelism and perpendicularity of the cut requirements, working environment indoor temperature, dust concentrations would also need to consider, operations in the base material, edge, running plastic shaft speed, pressure, balance, coherence effects edge effects. Four, repairing method of curved edge banding machine curved edge banding machines in use, there will be some problems and failures, common faults are:

1, electrical failures. Include host stops, disturbance of warming fast, programs and so on, is not ruled out, would burn out the motor and heater, or even corrupt the entire mechanical system. Mainly for maintenance check the electrical control box, motor, heater, timer, etc. This kind of maintenance generally by professionals or by the manufacturer the manufacturer repair.

2, gas path. Includes valve failure, gas leakage, low pressure, cutter, feeding is not working, mainly check the sound of pneumatic components, replacement parts can be used in making manufacturers under the guidance of technicians.

3, mechanical failure. Main transmission failure, glue uneven feeding failure and cutting tool failure, check the mechanical parts intact and solid parts, transmission parts shift.

4, adhesive failure. Not adhere, deviation, entrainment and other, which is a comprehensive fault, with plastic shaft, edge banding, Sol, base materials and operations. This fault may be alternated, and may occur a single, specific maintenance depends on the situation may be.

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