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Curved Edge Banding Machine
Oct 17, 2016

Edge banding machine with curved edge banding machine and the difference between straight line edging machine, curved edge banding machine for manual edge banding machines, edge banding machine for fully automatic type. From market needs see, manual type more for small furniture factory using, and price low, operation convenient, easily maintenance, market sales of products has Italy, and Japan, and Taiwan and China mainland market of machine, by its manufacturing principle is divided into two class: that Shang rubber tank type and Xia rubber tank type, former drive by Shang down, rubber tank in Shang, which drive by Xia up, rubber tank in Xia. After the former to the latter, which is characterized by:

1, no leakage of adhesive. Plastic tank under the driving reason, seal damage will result from cementing leakage, affecting normal operation. Glue pot from cementing leakage is not a problem.

2, Sol not aging. Plastic tank residue heat several times under the aging effect of bonding quality problems, glue pot Sol seeping from top to bottom, without precipitates and residues.

3, easy to clean. Regular cleaning of the machine, glue containers than plastic tanks, even without cleaning, without impacting production.

4, fewer failures. Cheer gear on convenience, reducing failures, such as Qingdao Xicheng woodworking machinery manufacturing MD-516A curved edge banding machine with infinitely variable speed motor, bring convenience to the user using the machine.