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Discussion And Solution Of Several Important Problems In Varnish Hot Press
Jul 12, 2017

     For the hot press pressing machine, I believe we are not unfamiliar, because, in the site, is one of the main keywords, so in front, has started the description of this product, Mainly related to the knowledge to explain, as well as difficult questions to answer, so that we can gradually understand, thus, to achieve the intended learning objectives. Therefore, the following is no exception, in order to speed up its learning process.

    1. Plywood hot press, which can be considered a veneer hot press?

    Plywood hot press, the specific terms, is used to plywood for hot-pressing glue a kind of equipment. Moreover, different types of plywood, hot press performance requirements, is not the same. The veneer hot press, which is able to carry out hot pressing veneer of a device. Therefore, these two are from different angles, is not the same, and that they are not necessarily between the contact.

     2. Want to avoid veneer burst board problem, then, we should do what?

     The above requirements, if you want to achieve it, then, should be controlled some specific aspects. For example, the moisture content of the plate, veneer hot press pressure temperature, etc., should be adjusted and controlled, can not be abnormal. And, in the air humidity, but also need to pay attention to, humidity is too large, there will be the problem.

     3. Melamine board from the veneer hot press down, there has been a paper bubble, what is the reason? And why, in the veneer hot press, why there are two pressure gauges?

      Melamine board from the veneer hot press down, if it appears the paper bubble, then there may be hot press hot pressing time is too short, or its pressure is too small caused. As for the use of two pressure gauges in a veneer press, it is because the low pressure is used to fill the pressure and the high pressure is used for the working setting. So, it has a different purpose, and that is not to be confused.