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Drilling Machine Operating Procedures
May 26, 2017

Drilling machine refers to the use of more difficult than the target material, sharper tool by rotating cutting or rotating extrusion, the object on the left cylindrical holes or holes of machinery and equipment collectively. Also known as drilling rigs, drilling machine, drilling machine, through-hole machines. Through the drilling of precision components to achieve the desired results, the drilling machine has semi-automatic drilling machine and automatic drilling machine, with the increase in human resources costs; most companies are considering automatic drilling machine as a development direction The With the development of the times, automatic drilling machine drilling technology to enhance the use of automatic drilling machine on a variety of metal die strap drilling bracelet drilling drilling advantage is obvious.

Precautions for use

1, according to the drilling of the material to select the appropriate drill or drill mouth.

2, according to the drilling of the material to adjust the appropriate speed, the speed is too fast Drill low melting point material will soften, the speed is too slow soft material will occur adhesion.

3, according to the drill hole depth and aperture, to determine the number of drilling machine feed.

4, the drilling machine is a high-speed rotary feed, need to pay attention to safety protection.

5, pay attention to ensure the sharpness of the drill bit, you need to regularly drill bit or replace the drill bit.

6, the drilling shaft to be regularly lubricated.

In order to make better use of mine mine existing mechanized equipment, improve the performance of mechanized equipment to play its optimal role. Prompting me mine workers on the level of operation of the mechanized equipment to a higher level? Special development of drilling machine operating procedures.

First, before the start of the preparatory work

① carefully check the drilling machine parts are complete.

② Whether the screws are loose.

③ whether the oil reaches the required position.

④ control buttons are flexible and reliable.

⑤ drill pipe, drill bit with or without damage.

⑥ whether the fracture frame.

⑦ Whether the spray facility is installed in place.

Second, the normal boot

① drilling machine idle 1 to 2 minutes, carefully listen to any abnormal sound and noise.

② with low speed slowly drilling.

③ low-speed file without exception and the coal seam without sand gangue can be appropriate to adjust the speed of drilling, if the coal seam has been caught with gangue and gangue hardness, can only use low-speed file drilling, or found a fine of 500 yuan.

Third, the shutdown

① a drilling hole should be completed after the normal drill pipe, drill, drilling frame removed.

② removed drill pipe, drill bit, support the hole to be placed neatly clean and clean and does not affect pedestrian safety.

③ after the shutdown should be timely drilling the body of the floating coal clean, and the drilling of the fuselage of the oil clean and placed neatly.

④ drilling machine explosion-proof switch, cable, control button finishing, placed to prevent pedestrian safety and place neatly.