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Drilling Machine Two Prominent Advantages, Worthy Of Your Choice!
Oct 19, 2017

Each item has its own advantages, then the drilling machine is the same, it has its own advantages, the following by Xiaobian to explain the advantages of drilling machine.

1, punch positioning accuracy, drilling machine to ensure that the number and location of the hole to get better positioning and production, and now many processing enterprises, are using this machine for a wide range of applications, such machines in the production quality Has brought a very good direction of development, as more and more enterprises in recent years, the goal of value.

2, high efficiency of automation, drilling machine to break the traditional artificial drilling technology, the use of high-quality machine running the method, can often be saved in time, saving manpower and material aspects, but also an important factor in cost reduction.

In fact, the use of automatic drilling machine and the traditional manual drilling machine is still very different, after all, is to increase the high-tech elements, so the performance of the product has also been greatly improved. But if you can not understand the use of the product before the note, or prone to problems, the following by Xiaobian for your simple summary of what should be noted.

Check before use. If it is a new purchase of automatic drilling machine, then the use must be checked before, even if the factory has been checked once, or to simulate the operation. To ensure that no problem can continue to use, and must pay attention to the debris removed next to prevent the machine work.

Use to ensure accuracy. Use the time must first set the data, and then follow the prompts to operate. It is recommended to train the operator first, so that it can ensure that there will be no operational errors.

Careful cleaning after use. Automatic drilling machine after use is to be a simple clean, fully clean, especially the location of the punch to pay special attention to keep clean.