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Edge Banding Machines Maintenance Need To Prescribe The Right Medicine
Jun 21, 2017

When we buy furniture will see a lot of furniture are edge, so you can reduce the friction of the body of the body and play a beautiful decorative effect, then, how are these done? This naturally can not be separated from the Edge Banding Machines.

Edge Banding Machines is one of the woodworking machinery, Edge Banding Machines as the name suggests is naturally used for edge use. But it is a high degree of automation of the edge of the program, the edge banding machines to complete the front-side sealing in the delivery - glue - cut off - before and after the head - up and down the trimming - up and down the edge - up and down Scraping - polishing and many other processes. Of course, there are automatic edge banding machines and semi-automatic edge banding machines, linear edge banding machines and curve sealing machine, etc., which have to be purchased according to the specific needs of customers.

Edge Banding Machines for medium density fiberboard, blockboard, solid wood board, particle board, polymer door panels, plywood and other straight-line edge trim, etc., can be a one-time double-sided adhesive edge banding cut edge banding , Head, chamfer, rough repair, intensive. Scraping edge polishing and other functions, margin fine, smooth, feel good, straight and smooth line. The equipment is stable, reliable and durable, affordable, especially for large and medium-sized furniture, cabinets and other furniture manufacturers use plate.

Edge Banding Machines to use long, like the human skin, like the need for maintenance, but before we first have to do a comprehensive maintenance and then the right medicine, so that it will not lead to illness. So what is the main side of our side to repair it?

1. Conveyor belt, note the grease, check the conveyor belt straightness.

2. Gearbox Check whether the gear oil in the box is in the standard position, the shell and the seal on whether there is oil leakage to imagine whether the oil temperature in the standard temperature.

3. Is the motor and inverter parameters correct and the voltage and frequency are normal?

4. Check that the inverter parameters are correct and that the voltage and frequency are normal.

5. Check the machine circuit and trip switch magnetic switch is normal.

6. Check whether the machine bolts are loose, whether the wear and damage of the profile plate and bearing damage or deformation.

7. Check whether the normal coating glue coating glue phenomenon, repair heating plate and the temperature controller is normal heating.