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Hardware Knowledge: Guide For The Application Of Woodworking Engraving Machine Tools.
Apr 13, 2018

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Guidelines for wood carving machine tools:

1. Acrylic cutting processing, recommend using single blade spiral milling cutter, the characteristic is smokeless tasteless, when processing speed, high efficiency, non-stick crumbs, real environmental protection, the special manufacturing process to ensure that processing the force that press a gram not mouth, very fine grain (or even no knife), the surface is bright and clean level off.

The processing surface needs to achieve the grinding effect, recommend using the double-edged three-blade spiral milling cutter.

2. The density board cutting processing, recommend using claymore chip spiral milling cutter, it has two high-capacity chip groove, double edge design, both has the very good chip removal function, and achieve a good balance tool, in processing high density board, not black, no cap smoke, long service life, etc.

3. Aluminum plate cutting and processing, it is recommended to use a single - edge aluminum milling cutter.

Non-stick knife, fast speed, high efficiency.

4. Precision small relief processing, recommend the use of a round bottom cutter.

5. Cork, density board, native wood, PVC, acrylic large and deep relievo processing, recommend the use of single blade spiral ball head milling cutter.

6. It is recommended to use single blade and double edge to cut milling cutter.

7. High density plate, solid wood is recommended to use the rib tooth milling cutter.

8. Multi-layer board, plywood processing, recommend the use of double-edged straight slot milling cutter.

9. The use effect of the lower cutting knife, the surface of the processed products without burrs, and the processing time will not be warped.

10. Diamond carving knife is recommended for acrylic mirror engraving.

It is recommended to use multi - stripe milling cutter.