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High Environmental Protection Waterborne Coating Opens The Way Of Furniture Industry Upgrading
Jun 13, 2018

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The furniture enterprise of big shuffle era, be facing new consumption upsurge, the left and right sides of the environment such as national environmental protection policy to hasten strictly restrict, furniture industry of today already everywhere nitrous smoke.

In the August 2017 by the Chinese furniture enterprise coating application status survey, the data showed that 63% of furniture enterprises think fierce market competition is one of the biggest business is facing difficulties, and in order to cater to consumers' intention to buy, nearly two-thirds of large and medium-sized furniture enterprises have more than 50% of the production business to high-end furniture market.

To upgrade in the high-end furniture market, means furniture enterprises to upgrade to the original design in the design, material selection to rare high-end wood on the upgrade, to higher performance, high environmental protection coating on a two-component water-borne coating of transformation.

New business opportunities in the furniture industry

As Chen baogang, vice President of the China furniture industry association, said: "when the double pressure of consumption upgrading and environmental protection policy comes, the transformation of Chinese furniture enterprises is on the agenda and has to be developed.

But simply moving production out will not solve the problem.

According to the survey on the application status of coatings in Chinese furniture enterprises, two-thirds of large and medium-sized furniture enterprises have shifted their focus to the middle and high-end market to gain more market space.

The diagram below:

In the fierce market competition, mid-range furniture market share is shrinking, furniture enterprise inevitably need to high-end market transition, this is a system engineering, including management, product image, such as environmental standards than low-end market rise a class.

This also brings new business opportunities for furniture enterprises. Some leading furniture enterprises have turned to environment-friendly materials in succession to build a high-quality brand image and quickly seize the market opportunity.

According to the survey, more than 80 percent of furniture manufacturers surveyed have started to use more environment-friendly high-quality raw materials.

New regulations on environmental protection have been upgraded for corporate consumption