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Hot Press Has A Solution For Heat Backflow
Jun 21, 2017

Hot press machine features:

1, the use of pulse heating technology, accurate temperature control, temperature sampling frequency of 0.1s.

2, single work platform, rotating work platform, left and right mobile platform and other diverse modes of operation.

3, multi-stage temperature control.

4, real-time temperature curve display.

5, silicone tape indexing mechanism.

6, CCD vision system, providing precise alignment.

7, large-capacity program stored.

8, touch operation interface, program password protection.

As one of the indispensable equipment in the process of producing plywood, hot press has its very important significance. This means that if the hot press itself, what problems, then it will not only have an impact on their own life, but also on the quality of the plywood have an impact. Therefore, for the maintenance and maintenance of hot press, it is particularly important, the use of hot press when some of the matters, you need to pay special attention to the.

In order to be able to better use the hot press, be sure to use the hot press before they understand all aspects, only the construction of the hot press completely mastered in order to ensure that the hot press work better. At the same time, if the hot press after the heat back and other "small problem" when it is also need to pay attention, because this problem may directly affect the quality of production products.

How to solve the hot press heat back to the phenomenon of it? First of all, you need to ensure that the hot plate has the same flow, that is, the hot press "usually" to be able to guarantee; after the need to be the most smooth on the bottom of the hot press, the most open At the same time, the top and bottom of the two layers, the use of asbestos insulation, the purpose of doing so is to prevent the hot press because of overheating and damage; Finally, in order to make hot layer hot plate to achieve the most ideal flow , Hot plate must be controlled separately, this way, in some special circumstances can achieve the best results.

Therefore, the heat press in the case of heat back, we must pay attention to the best way to deal with the above, so as to be able to effectively avoid unnecessary economic losses.