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Hot Press On Which Questions Need To Know And Solve?
Jul 03, 2017

On the hot press, I believe we are no stranger, because it is an important product on the site, so, has been the introduction of the product description, that is, knowledge and mastery of their knowledge, so that we can gradually familiar with this A machine, and thus, to achieve the desired learning goals and requirements. So the following, may wish to continue this work, to promote its learning process, so that we benefit.

1. Hot press, which is used in the production of plywood, then, for different types of plywood, in the hot press pressure, is the same?

The hot press, which is used for the manufacture of plywood, then, for different types of plywood, it has different pressure requirements. So on this question, the answer is not the same. If specifically speaking, the requirements for ordinary plywood, plastic veneer, wood laminated plastic sheet, and ship plywood, the thermal pressure requirements are increased in turn.

2. What is the delay time of the hot press?

In the case of a hot press, the delay time, in particular, means that when the hot press is in the open state and can take this time to remove the hot press product and place it in a new feedstock, The delay time. Moreover, it can be appropriately adjusted according to the specific situation, so that the operation can be carried out smoothly.

3. hot press price, need to know what to give? In addition, high temperature hot press, the temperature can reach how much?

Hot press price, which is to know the pressure requirements, as well as its work table specifications, and then, to get the specific value, otherwise, is not quoted. The high-temperature hot press of this kind of hot press, its temperature, up to 2000 degrees, therefore, can use this kind of hot press, PV, PE and PC and other materials of hot press work, and also Get a good processing effect.