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How To Better Understand The Pulse Hot Press
May 26, 2017

The pulsed press uses a transformer to produce a low current, which is rapidly energized by welding the tip. Wuxi Yiyaer General Machinery Factory Mainly engaged in NYJ-700, 900, 1200, 1400, 1700, 2400, 2800 hot press, for particleboard melamine impregnated veneer processing, medium density fiberboard and high Density enhanced floor of aluminum oxide wear paper veneer processing, paste work efficiency, good quality.

Application of pulse hot press

In the USB cable welding, soft cable FFC and flexible circuit board FPC or hard circuit board PCB welding, TCP and PCB PCB or soft circuit board FPC between the welding, flexible circuit board FPC and PCB PCB Between the welding and other production processes;

Characteristics of pulsed hot press

Product design is reasonable, with stress, equipped with automatic control function, the use of PLC programmable control system, equipped with automatic feeding car and the material device, with simple operation, easy maintenance, safe and reliable, take advantage of less space. In the instantaneous moment to reach the desired temperature, welding head at both ends without voltage, and instantly can reach room temperature; and welding head flat, so the appearance of welding out of the same, very few Weld bad;

How to better learn about the use of hot press Note? From the beginning of a variety of machines listed to the present, basically people are aware of the machine products which are more technology development to grasp the benchmark. Improve the machine knowledge of each period. In the interest of all machine products so far, the views of many mechanical experts can be widely popular with the general machine is the new era of machines.

Hot press the use of a wide range, in fact, in the food processing industry or other aspects of the packaging processing industry, people can find such a machine figure. So, such a machine in the actual function development can have what kind of technical development needs? From the current optimization of the way we can see that the fastest way to learn is usually more contact with the new machine for the demand. The more contact with the more familiar with the greater the possibility of.

Experience the new era debut hot press performance superiority, when all kinds of machines really enter the best period of development, people finally began to develop a machine literacy.