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How To Maintain Woodworking Machinery
Jan 04, 2019

First of all, it is more important to add grease to the bearing, usually 2-3 months to replenish oil. Then it is recommended to clean the dust of the body every six months, check the insulation resistance of the coil, and whether the wiring is firm. Clean the dust inside and outside the machine every year of use, check if the fastening bolts are loose, and check if the bearings are worn.

    In addition to these, the other checks also have abnormal sounds when the equipment is running. If there is abnormal noise, stop the motor immediately and troubleshoot. Then there is the detection of the temperature, using the thermometer or the back of the hand to check the temperature of the casing and end cover of the wood machine. If the temperature exceeds the rated temperature, the bearing, cable joint, voltage and other places should be checked. With good habits, there will be good equipment, let your own wood-line machine equipment fully play its role, and bring long-term economic benefits to each enterprise is hoped, then before that, we must first develop Good maintenance habits.