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How To Prevent Leakage Of Edge Banding Machines
Sep 27, 2017

Automatic sealing machine leakage phenomenon is very dangerous, may bring personal safety hazards and product quality problems.In order to prevent the automatic edge banding machines leakage to me the harm.Next, Xiaobian and we share the automatic edge banding machines Leakage maintenance method.

Sometimes the automatic Edge Banding Machines of the opportunity to appear induction, because the automatic power supply side of the edge of the installation of the safety wire and leakage interrupter. And the chassis ground line device is reasonable and reasonable. In principle, has been discharged from the operation error The possibility of accident, because the phenomenon of leakage of the machine will automatically power off the work, and the chassis ground wire normal use, so people do not have time to contact the current, while the induction power and leakage phenomenon is not the same, not with the line contact, So the circuit breaker will not be judged as leakage phenomenon.

In order to prevent the automatic edge banding machines leakage phenomenon, to regularly check the precision cutting board saw, Edge Banding Machines and other electrical circuit problems, for the old line of uncovered cable line replacement, and effectively ensure the use of mechanical and electrical needs. For the power consumption of the season, pay attention to the lack of voltage to prevent and take effective measures to reduce the voltage caused by mechanical work.When the regional voltage stability, if the unit voltage instability should consider replacing the cable, if Regional voltage instability is considered to be capacity and replace the cable at the same time.