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How To Use Hot Press Machine
Dec 03, 2018

1. heating system: the use of heat transfer oil boiler, countercurrent heat transfer, with low pressure and high temperature characteristics, greatly reducing the pressure and safety requirements of the heating system, closed cycle heating, through the expansion tank and the atmosphere, the liquid phase transport heat, heat loss Small, energy saving effect is remarkable, and the environmental protection effect is good.

2. hydraulic system: the main hydraulic components are imported, the pressure is adjustable.

3. oil cylinder: processed by precision CNC, using imported oil seal, no oil leakage phenomenon.

4. control system: micro-computer hand automatic control, just press the button, you can complete the press plate rise, close, pressure, timing, platen and other complete procedures.

5. hot press use:Laminating hot press is fit for the furniture factory or panel decorative plant, which can make lamination for panel, such as wooden door, core board, MDF, Plywood, chipboard with all kinds of decorative paper HPL or veneer. It can also be used for drying or leveling veneer.