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Industry Woodworking Machinery Exhibition On The 2nd Day, Focusing On Intelligent Manufacturing.
Apr 03, 2018

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By foreign trade association and the Taiwan woodworking machinery industry association jointly held January 3 times of the 2018 Taiwan international woodworking machinery exhibition (Wood, Taiwan) "will be in Taipei on April 2 to 5, nangang exhibition hall 1 hall grand.

The exhibition a total of 167 exhibitors domestic and foreign manufacturers, the use of 1076 stalls, an 3.5% increase from the previous exhibition scale, is Taiwan woodworking machinery industry's leading export platform, is leading the advanced technologies of professional woodworking machinery exhibition in Asia.

Foreign trade association chairman James huang said, in the face of the fierce competition in the global industry and changing economic situation, trade association will continue to cooperate with woodworking machinery association and the industry, with the support of government and industry, create a new agency to Taiwan woodworking machinery industry.

Woodworking machinery industry association, said Taiwan woodworking machinery factory positive transformation and upgrading in recent years, under the guidance in the center of the ministry of economic affairs industry, precision machine, force of digitize, establishment of woodworking machinery W - Team league, enhance the overall competitiveness of woodworking machinery, since 101, has been to create sales output value amounted to nt $780 million, with fruitful results.

Domestic companies gathered in this exhibition contains the vibration source, zhang today, ender, shaw, guang ying, is light, shi xing cheng, fong kuo, Tai exhibition, upper boundary, right, boke, etc., are from Italy, Germany, France, the United States, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and other well-known brand exhibition, 11 countries 10%, including index of international brands such as Biesse, Bacci, SCM, the participation Woodmizer, Schneider, etc, shows that this exhibition has become a global woodworking machinery industry to show important platform, gradually toward internationalization.

According to global industry development trend, exhibitors in 4.0 and wisdom manufacturing industry for spindle, the developed CNC (computer numerical control), multiple high-speed processing machinery and automation, and intelligence and other high-end woodworking machinery, wood processing and furniture industry to streamline costs and improve production efficiency, customization, such as a small amount of diverse demand.

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