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Innovative Internet Plus Machinery New Model
Feb 24, 2018

In today's era, the Internet has infiltrated all aspects of all walks of life, the machinery industry is no exception. Throughout the development status of construction machinery industry, on the one hand, the sluggish traditional manufacturing industry represented by construction machinery has shrunk. On the one hand, the vigorous development of the Internet can not be stopped. The emergence of woodworking machinery network is in line with the needs of the industry, at the right time.

Internet thinking is to use the Internet to integrate the real estate industry, in the context of the (mobile) Internet +, big data, cloud computing and other technology continues to evolve, the market, users, products, enterprise value chain and product supply chain and even the entire business ecosystem Re-examine the way of thinking. Yun Yuxia relies on the new Kai Tak Machinery Co., Ltd. Qingdao to create a woodworking machinery network, the use of Internet thinking, breaking the boundaries of the brand, the region, breaking the asymmetric information, creating value for customers by the industry alike.

Qingdao Xin Kai Tak Machinery Co., Ltd. located in China's historic beautiful coastal city --- Qingdao. Founded in 2003, formerly known as Qingdao Senkai Woodworking Machinery Factory, registered in 2005 as Qingdao Xin Kai Tak Machinery Co., Ltd., specializing in metal surface grinding polishing machine development, the main products are abrasive belt grinder, sand Belt drawing machine, belt pulling machine, belt polishing machine, belt grinding machine. There are also metal deburring machine: including stamping deburring machine, flame cutting / laser cutting / plasma cutting machine deburring machine, cutting board workpiece deburring machine, machined parts deburring machine.

Our main equipment used in the field are: 1. Stainless steel, magnesium alloy plate, titanium plate, carbon steel, copper, aluminum and other sheet surface drawing (NO.4, HL, SB) and bristle processing. 2. A variety of fixed-thickness metal plate grinding, rust and oxide removal and so on. 3. A variety of metal plate and hardware surface burr removal.

Our equipment has been in the aerospace industry, automotive industry, building materials industry, light industry, handicrafts and even the artificial board, the furniture industry has been widely infiltrated and applied, especially in wide format belt surface grinder in the metal plate thickness grinding, polishing, Drawing, razor has a very mature experience and technology, the processing width of 400-2700 mm, the processing thickness of 0.3-100 mm, the surface roughness Ra3.2-0.1, thickness accuracy + -0.04 mm. As the wide-format belt in the thin strip of metal over the entire width of the same grinding conditions, so the rolling carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium plate, magnesium alloy plate, aluminum, copper, leather and other strip surface Are suitable for continuous polishing with a belt.

Woodworking Machinery Network has a capable technical team based on technology as the vanguard of the backing of production, service as a fundamental concept of service to our customers. Through unremitting efforts, it has become a leader in the domestic industry. The machinery and equipment not only serve the cities in China, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing, Jilin, Liaoning, Sichuan and other provinces and cities, but also export to: Turkey , South Africa, Russia, Indonesia, Croatia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries or regions.

Customer-centric, e-commerce platform as a means of communication, woodworking machinery network will be suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and end-customers through, e-commerce platform and internal business system data to get through, to build a unified, green, shared, digital Of the e-commerce ecosystem, providing quality value-added services directly to customers, suppliers and distributors, creating a foundation for customized products and becoming a leader in the Internet + industry.