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Large Woodworking Machinery Carbonized Wood Production Special.
Apr 11, 2018

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Borui new carbonized wood machinery.

The surface carbonized wood machinery is a multi - function plate surface treatment machine.

The wood carbonized machine is one of the traditional artificial hand coking model of a revolution, the whole coking process, fully automated, automatic machine of carbonized at the same time according to automatically adjust the height of the nozzle and plate plate thickness, achieve energy saving effect.

The product texture is even, and it breaks the defects of traditional machine and artificial gas consumption, and changes the disadvantages of low output, uneven surface texture, large amount of gas consumption and large floor space.

This model is based on absorbing foreign advanced technology, the development of new type wood, tree line wire drawing machine, installed in the discharge end of the machine wire drawing roller and brush roller, korah tree grain texture and clear the dust on the sanding finished product.

It is furniture, bamboo floor production of one of the necessary equipment.

Bo rui carbide wood machinery developed to adapt to the customer to develop oxygen gun fire board equipment Is automation will cut good board placed in the mechanical equipment by automatically scroll to evenly heat and wood to make wood surface with a thin layer of carbide layer, can highlight on the surface of the concave and convex mu wen, the stereoscopic effect is better, more beautiful and noble, also can prolong the service life of wood.

The wood that has been machined by the fire board of our factory has the following characteristics: 1.

2. The texture is clear and beautiful;

3. Long service life;

4. Healthy and environmentally friendly.


Common construction fixed laying method for carbonized wood.

Using the expansion screw to fix the keel on the ground, the expansion screws are made of nylon material (anti-aging is better), the iron expansion pipe should be coated with anti-rust paint, and then carbonized wood will be laid.

Activity laying method:

1. Connect the front and keel of carbonized wood with stainless steel cross screws;

2. Screw the keel to the opposite side of the anticorrosive wood. Several pieces are made into a whole, which can not damage the ground structure, but also can be disassembled and cleaned freely.

Besmear brushs should avoid within 24 hours after rain, outside surface user resistance to HouMu paint or Jim carrey HouMu oil after besmear to brush (only once) to achieve the best effect, avoid walking or heavy objects move within 48 hours, lest destroy carbonized wood has formed on the surface of protective film.

If you want to achieve better anti-fouling effect, it is necessary to do two special outdoor varnish treatment.

The wood can be divided into: 1.

European red pine;

3. Fir;

4. Eucalyptus;

5. Pineapples;

5. South square pine specification.

Borui carbonized wood machinery production product texture clear, simple and elegant.

It has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, moth-proofing, wear-resisting, high temperature resistance and alkali resistance.

It is your choice to expand the advantage of your peers and stay ahead.