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Nankang Established The Association Of Woodworking Machinery
Jun 05, 2018

The Latest News:

To timely know the woodworking machinery development status and development trend at home and abroad, woodworking machinery information communication, the landlord will provide the advanced and applicable to the bamboo-shack furniture woodworking machinery, furniture production and improve efficiency and quality, and bamboo-shack area has established the woodworking machinery association, at present there are more than 80 members.

Learned, bamboo-shack OuMuGong machinery association, set up the broader bamboo-shack woodworking machinery industry, better development platform, will become bamboo-shack woodworking machinery industry and furniture industry development of a new starting point, will be to promote bamboo-shack furniture industry and make greater contribution to economic and social development.

"We will build around the woodworking machinery association into the study and communication platform, the innovation development platform, the platform of collaborative activist, ACTS as a service platform and make unremitting efforts, boost bamboo-shack furniture industry all the way along the 'area', out of Asia, to the outside world."