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New Technology To Improve The Automation Of Woodworking Machinery And Production Efficiency To Achieve Good Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection.
Mar 29, 2018

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Automation of woodworking machinery.

It is also an important measure to improve the automatization and efficiency of woodworking machinery by using new technology.


(1) the woodworking machinery is gradually transformed from mechanical mode to mechanical and electrical integration.

In woodworking machinery, for example some important equipment such as cutting tool, workpiece by installing sensors to monitor the operation process, this helps to ensure that they are both working, and can ensure the quality of the furniture manufacturing process.

For example, we can use high resolution image processing technology to complete the workpiece scanning, identification and tracking, which can help improve the quality of furniture wood processing.


(2) at present, some advanced technologies including CNC and informatization are also applied in flexible machining systems, CNC machining and automated production lines.

At present, the woodworking machinery in our country also has a wide application in this situation, such as more common sanding machine, CNC cutting board saw and CNC machining center.


In addition, including flexible processing and manufacturing systems, intelligent integrated processing systems are maturing.

For example, the use of wood in the production of integrated timber can reduce the waste of wood resources better.

In the production of the core is the use of computer integrated manufacturing, is simply the wood quality identification, classification, choice of cutter, automatic production lines, composite plate press machine and finished product output of many aspects, such as automatic control by computer.


(3) woodworking machinery in the use of advanced control technology makes it to be adaptive and intelligent control function, so that not only is helpful to improve wood processing accuracy, usage and manufacturing efficiency, and also can effectively reduce the woodworking machinery used in energy consumption and reduce pollution.


(1) adaptive control woodworking machinery and its work according to the preset evaluation index in wood processing, such as tool wear, material hardness larger changes such as the case may automatically processing parameters, so that can ensure the wood processing can meet the requirements of the evaluation index.


Intelligent control of woodworking machinery, it mainly USES the intelligent machine with independent drive, and controls the wood processing process according to the corresponding target.