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2018 Egypt International Woodworking Machinery And Furniture Fittings Exhibition WFF
Feb 27, 2018

The organization:

Beijing zhongying exhibition international exhibition co. LTD.

The exhibition profiles:

2018 Egypt international woodworking machinery and furniture fittings exhibition WFF.

Exhibition time: November 15-18, 2018.

Sponsor: International Fairs Group IFG.

WORLD (HK) International Limited

China agent: Beijing zhongying international exhibition co. LTD.

During the same period, the 18th Egypt international machine tool and metal processing machinery exhibition.

Exhibition frequency: one session per year.

Venue: Egypt International Exhibition Centre (EIEC)

1. Introduction to the exhibition.

Cairo, Egypt -Woodworking and Furniture Supplier Fair- WFF Cairo will be held on November 15-18, 2018, at the same time as the Egyptian metal processing and machinery exhibition.

As Egypt market, furniture market need is increasing day by day, furniture production machinery, accessories, raw materials and other products import demand increases, there were no professional furniture accessories in Egypt woodworking machinery exhibition in the past few years, Egypt local exhibitors and visitors have straight to open in 2013 in Egypt's largest exhibition MACTECH machinery, metal processing industry, adapt to market needs, this will promote wood and furniture industry in Egypt, it covers all the furniture production technology, woodworking machinery, tools, accessories, accessories and raw materials professional products.

Attracting more than 25,000 eager trade visitors from Egypt and throughout the Middle East and north Africa.

WFF will become the MENA region's leading technology and product procurement platform, is a comprehensive one-stop platform, for the global technology and solution providers features innovative professional and technical, cost effective tools and products, in order to improve the wood and furniture manufacturing practice inside and outside the industrial productivity and efficiency.

WFF has all the hallmarks of the final trading voice of the Egyptian wood and furniture industry.

As a major activity, it is a chance to create one of the most attractive business hotspots in the world for manufacturers, suppliers and buyers worldwide.

Ii. Exhibition advantages and previous reports.

1, the exhibition organizers Egypt IFG group was founded in 2000, has 18 years of rich experience in exhibition, Egypt international machinery, metal processing, has successfully held the 17th session of exhibition, the successful hosting of the exhibition except metal processing machinery exhibition, successfully hosted the other AIRTECH, HANDLING for the EXPO, informs the EXPO three theme exhibitions.

In Egypt there is no professional furniture accessories woodworking machinery exhibition in the past few years, since 2013, local woodworking industry began to enter for the machinery exhibition, the exhibitors nearly attracted nearly 2017 exhibitors the woodworking industry 50 companies, IFG plenty of Egypt and north Africa market audience and exhibitors resources, the market of local industrial machinery and wood industry information and agents, distributors and other information resources.

2, surplus to join and extension in the Egyptian woodworking machinery and furniture accessories exhibition, in the full exhibition was founded in 2008, the specialty is engaged in the furniture fittings, woodworking machinery industry exhibition business, has become many exhibition of China general agent in the world, to global carpenter's exhibition industry has a wealth of market resources, industry resources, audience and exhibitors.

3, Turkey Merkurfair company to join the promotion, Merkurfair since 2010 engaged in woodworking industry exhibition organization and promotion, annual woodworking MEDEX Turkey and surrounding countries exhibitors in Iran, more than 1000 square meters exhibition area.

Iii. Market background

Egypt is located in Asia, Africa, Europe between three continents, business is extremely advantageous geographical location, strong radiation function, is one of the important markets in north Africa, the Middle East the best choice, for the Mediterranean commodity markets also create an attractive trade hub.

Egypt is the most populous country in the Middle East, providing an excellent platform for labor resources in the region, with huge potential for high consumption.

Egypt is a wise investment choice.

Industry is Egypt's second largest economy, and it presents huge business opportunities in a wide range of areas.

Egypt's industrial sector accounts for 30 per cent of gross domestic product and more than 2.4 million workers, the highest growth potential in the Middle East and Africa.

Egypt imports 95 per cent of its machinery and industrial tools, and only 5 per cent is met by local manufacturers.

Egypt's industrial production is growing at more than 25 per cent a year, and modern technology imports are growing at 20 per cent a year.

Over the next decade, Egypt's market for machinery and industrial tools will grow by more than 20% a year.

Egypt's industrial expansion will ensure that the country remains the most attractive market for tools and industrial tools in the Middle East and Africa.

Egypt is the region's largest consumer of machinery and industrial tools, with a market of more than $2 billion and heavily dependent on imports.

In the past decade, the development of Egyptian furniture industry has been relatively unbalanced, but the domestic market has expanded rapidly.

The total output value of Egypt's furniture industry rose from 102.7 million yuan to 3294 million yuan in the fiscal year 1997/88 to 1995/96, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30 percent.

And, during that time, the annual change in Egypt was large, between -66% and 133%.

Egypt's wooden furniture exports are mainly distributed in the Middle East, the European Union and North America, the three global regional markets.

The three regional markets collectively absorb 75 percent of Egypt's timber furniture exports.

Another important market is Russia, which currently accounts for about 10% of Egypt's timber furniture exports.

The Egyptian market needs at least $500 million in furniture products, 70 percent of woodworking machinery, and furniture materials imported from other countries.


Exhibition range


Furniture hardware: furniture handles, locks, accessories, supports, metal connections, casters, etc.

Furniture raw materials: components of furniture, furniture veneer, drawer, furniture holder, roller, door, furniture accessories, board, furniture glass, etc.

Machinery and tools: forest industry machinery, woodworking tools and saws and other wood products related machinery and tools, panel Mosaic and processing machinery, furniture accessories to install the machine, all kinds of hand tools and power tools

Software furniture: software furniture accessories, accessories, mattress production machinery, sofa materials, accessories and production machinery, other software furniture materials and machinery, processing and processing.

The cost

Matters needing attention


Exhibition leader: sun limei.

Telephone: 15333266809 13810343511 0312-5881729.

Email: sales8@zhongyingzhan.com QQ:2355590351.

The exhibition information source: http://www.cnena.com/waizhan