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Future Development Of Woodworking Machinery Technology In China
Feb 28, 2018

China's woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises want to go to the world, to dominate the world, this goal should be implemented from now on. Therefore, our country should pay attention to the development of technology and lack of technology-based enterprises in our country. As a result, the stamina of our country's development is obviously insufficient. Therefore, our country's future goal should be in line with the technical aspects and step up efforts should be made to develop a new type of technology that belongs to our own In the future there will be even more magnificent progress. Taking this step, our country has won the first chance or you will never win other international enterprises.

1 numerical control material equipment development direction

CNC technology is an important step toward the development of a technical country in China. The introduction of numerical control technology into woodworking machinery enables the woodworking machinery to be integrated with itself and is more efficient and accurate in the work of woodworking machinery. Woodworking machinery automation industry is urgently to be developed advanced technology, automation is the eternal theme of woodworking machinery development, numerical control technology is the continuation and termination of the goal.

Automation is a concentrated embodiment of a country's industrialization level. The automation of China's furniture industry, wood products processing industry and wood-based panel industry relies on the woodworking machinery industry. Therefore, only achieving the goal of automatic CNC woodworking machinery technology is the goal and development that China needs direction.

2 wood products and furniture CNC machining equipment development direction

Wood products and furniture make our major professional development. Since our country owns a huge quantity of logs, we need advanced woodworking technology. With the development of new technology, our country's wood processing equipment gradually converges with the international advanced level, but still And the world's top advanced technology has a very big gap, therefore, anyway, our wood technology needs to develop to a higher level, not only to be in line with international technology, we should have the confidence to surpass other countries, so that it let me over Wood technology to the next level.

3 wood drying technology CNC development direction

China's wood dryer in the international community has a vast low-end market, its price is very low, almost monopolize the entire low-end market, but still did not create the scale for the characteristics of dryer, drying industry is also far away from the international advanced level. Therefore, our country's next goal should be launched to the characteristics of the impact of the dryer, the dryer technology and numerical control together to produce our own characteristics of the automatic dryer, making our country drying technology further development.