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2018 2nd Wuhan International Custom Home & Woodworking Machinery Exhibition
Mar 02, 2018

2018 2nd Wuhan International Custom Home & Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

The 2rd Wuhan International Customizing Furnishings and Woodworking Equipments Exhibiton 2018

Concurrently held: 2018 5th large-scale green building development series forum

Time: April 18-20, 2018 Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang)

Organizational unit: Hubei Provincial Door Industry Association Hubei Provincial Forestry Industry Promotion Association Wuhan Building Decoration Association,

Hubei Building Materials Market Association, Wuhan Building Energy Association Wuhan CCPIT,

Wuhan New Building Materials Industry Association, Wuhan Construction Association assembly building branch

Undertaker: Hubei Science and Technology Progressive Construction Engineering Technology and Green Development Professional Committee

Wuhan vane Convention and Exhibition Services Ltd.

Supporters: Real Estate Association of Hubei Province, Hubei Construction Industry Association, Hubei Province Interior Design Association

Wuhan Real Estate Development Enterprises Association, Hubei Province Building Decoration Association, Wuhan Energy Conservation Association

■ Background

"Custom home" has become a symbol of the current fashion life, customization, intelligence, networking has created a new model of home consumer market. It is reported that China's home building materials industry market size of more than 4 trillion yuan. Custom closet market capacity has reached more than 50 billion, the current custom market penetration rate of more than 30% on average, but 60% -70% of foreign custom home market penetration, the industry is still in rapid growth stage, nearly 1,000 manufacturing enterprises Family. Hubei Province is a major construction province. In recent years, the province's total construction output reached trillions of yuan, ranking the first in central China and the third in the country. The "Great Wuhan" urban construction is the peak construction period, welcome domestic and foreign custom home business to open up the central market.

■ Exhibition Review and Organizational Characteristics

Wuhan Jian Bo Club. Wuhan Building Expo ", the first exhibition of green building materials B2B in Central China. It is held in March of each year and has been successfully held for ten times. Each time, there are 500 famous and famous green building material decoration materials in China and foreign countries and nearly 10 forum activities held in the same period. Can understand through the video show.

Database solicitation. 2018 Wuhan Custom Home Show has tens of thousands of accurate viewer database and the previous core buyers directory, the use of call centers, SMS, new media platforms and other ways to invite. Take advantage of the good opportunity of Wuhan No.6 Line to Wuhan Guobo Center to organize the audience.

Promotion. 2018 Wuhan custom home furnishing exhibition will also be in China, the entire wood net, decorative materials network in China, China Timber Network, China wardrobe network, nine are home network, Wuhan Construction Information Network and other professional journals and exhibitions, associations from the media, the local Wuhan Evening News, Chutian Metropolis Daily and other mainstream media press conference or advertising, the length of more than a thousand, fully expanded and enhance the influence of this exhibition. At the same time, throughout the building materials market in Hubei, similar exhibitions across the country to push all-round.

Visit subsidies. Wuhan Jian Bo will be listed as the theme of government training to give some financial subsidies, subsidies funding all used to enhance the number of viewers. 2018 Wuhan Custom Home Furnishings To implement the "My Head, My Mission" prize-winning tour for the decoration materials market, trade associations, construction agencies, real estate developers, designers, contractors and large-scale decoration projects. Tour pattern: Stick 1000 yuan, 500 yuan car group in the city, all for lunch.

Supporting activities. 2017 Wuhan custom home furnishing exhibition scheduled to hold more than one forum:

2018 The 3rd assembly type building development and technology application seminar, the 2nd green building materials and building energy conservation summit forum, 2018 building materials home industry dealer performance multiplication training and so on.

■ Procurement and exhibition area

Whole wood custom categories: custom home, whole wood home improvement, the overall space, solid wood skirts, stairs, wardrobe, interior wooden doors, windows, sliding doors, cabinets, kitchen appliances, bookcases, wall cabinets, wall cabinets, partition, Wine cabinet, wine cellar, cloakroom, cabinet, TV cabinet, wall, shoe, custom furniture, wooden ceiling, Roman column, fireplace, all kinds of decoration modeling, decorative molding line, Class door, plate, countertops and so on.

Sliding door glass area: sliding doors, folding doors, sliding doors, modular cloakroom, folding sliding doors, swing doors, sliding doors, sliding door glass, decorative glass, closet doors, closet sliding doors, composite panels, fire board, Gypsum board and so on.

Home integration: Home improvement, Home improvement, Whole wardrobe, Walk-in closet, Integral cabinet, Integral study, Integral kitchen, Integrated wall, Integrated ceiling, Integrated lighting, Cloakroom, Wooden staircase, Elevator, Home systems and all kinds of man-made sheet;

Woodworking Machinery and Auxiliary Products: Whole Wood Production Equipment, Woodworking Machinery, Accessories, Door & Window Accessories, Stairs Accessories, Cabinet Accessories, Hardware, Sinks, Baskets, Rails, Tracks, Latches, Hinges, Handles And other hardware accessories and kitchen accessories, paint, chemical products, packaging materials, transport services, certification services;

■ Exhibition fees (distinguished seats are limited, please book booths as soon as possible)

1. International Standard Booth 9㎡ RMB 7200 yuan / booth. Indoor special booth (36 ㎡ from the rent): charge RMB 800 yuan / ㎡. (Note: The standard booth construction and configuration includes three panels, the company name fascia board, carpet, consultation table, two chairs, two spotlights, 220V / 5A power outlet, the need for special power, please explain in advance, a separate charge Special booths do not provide any exhibition equipment and facilities, special management fees collected by the exhibition hall, utility costs borne by the exhibitors themselves.

2. Technical seminar: RMB5000 yuan / field (every 45 minutes a).

■ Directory and exhibition advertising

○ The catalogs are sent to professionals participating in the exhibition and unable to visit the exhibition through the exhibition's strong database of professional visitors to generate business opportunities. (Journal size 140 mm × 210 mm, advertising fees will be paid in advance lump sum)

○ advertising space: -500 words free of charge, cover -20000 yuan, back cover -15000 yuan, cover two -12000 yuan, title page -10000 yuan, sealed three -10000 yuan, color pages -5000 yuan, black and white pages - 3000 yuan, full text -1000 yuan

○ Other ads: Tickets 20,000 yuan / 50,000; invitation 18,000 yuan / 30,000; visit card 15,000 yuan / exclusive; Rainbow Gate 5,000 yuan / a site truss advertising 300 yuan / ㎡ "details available on request"

■ Participation procedures

1. Participation Procedures: Exhibitors should fill in the photocopies of "Exhibitor Agreement" and "Business License" together with fax or courier to the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly, and remit the participation fee to the designated account of the Organizing Committee within ten days, The bottom of the payment fax to the organizing committee, in order to confirm exhibitors qualifications.

2, booth arrangement: Organizing Committee will be based on "first sign up, pay first, arrange first" principle. To ensure the overall image of the exhibition, the Organizing Committee has the right to adjust a small number of booths.

3, Conference arrangement: 30 days before the Organizing Committee will be "Exhibitor Manual" (schedule, exhibits transport, hotel reception, booth construction, etc.) sent to the exhibitors.

4. After registration, please send the company logo and one picture of the main products to the company (500 words or less) by e-mail to E-mail: 13971153732@163.com and will be used for the "Guide to Visiting", E-mail and users Unit docking production publicity.

■ 2018 2nd Wuhan International Custom Home and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Organizing Office