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South Africa Woodworking Machinery Exhibition: A Wood-based Trade Show
Mar 04, 2018

WoodEX, South Africa's Woodworking Machinery Exhibition, Africa's Monopoly Wood Products Trade Show, July 11-13, 2017, is preparing for its landmark fifth edition at the Midrand Gorgon Estate.

Woodworking Machinery Show South Africa WoodEX is a timber-based trade show that is held every two years and offers a unique business and networking platform that connects, unifies and develops the African timber, tooling and machinery markets. As a key event in the calendar of timber and timber-related industries, African timber companies have become a solid trading partner that maintains a firm and resilient reputation in difficult times both locally and in the global economy.

According to Stephan Jooste, Director of Africa's Forest Division, "WoodEX at South Africa Woodworking Machinery is well received by both local and international exhibitors and visitors. The feedback from the event has been positive and has strongly demonstrated the exhibitors' appreciation of the quality of visitors, networking opportunities and their activities We are particularly pleased with the good business leadership we have received and we have received an unprecedented inquiry about the activities of WoodEX2018 since past visitors and exhibitors and this is a great milestone we are proud of. "

Based on the past few years Woodood Woodworking South Africa will showcase woodworking and wood processing products and services such as woodworking machinery, fixtures and fittings, decking, flooring, structural timber, wood preservatives and treatment, sawing and logging, Paper pulp and wood and veneer production.

At the heart of WoodEx is the very popular Timber Talk project, which includes a brief introduction by a multitude of industry influencers. These compact meetings provide visitors and exhibitors a dynamic and interactive learning experience and bring together some of the leading timber system designers, contractors, manufacturers and thought leaders who address pressing industry issues around the world And hot topics.